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Must read:Is there a real future in data analysis for self-learners without a math degree?

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How to use the Shopify-node-api npm module

Pre-requisites You are using Express JS as framework for your app (the instructinos below might also work with other node.js frameworks though, but please don’t ask me how) You therefore are familiar with the structure (views, routes, etc.) of an app built with Express JS and know how to use NPM You have already set

Clickable thumbnails with Nimble Portfolio 3

Here is how to create a page showing a series of items… …assigned to one or more customized tags …filtered by these category tags …linking directly to an article of your choice. Check out the “Practice with Data” section as an example, to see whether this is what you are truly looking for. Which plugin

Fancy introductory data science Flashcards?

If you are taking the John Hopkins Data Science Specizalization on Coursera, you might be interested in reviewing the flashcards made for these courses. You can access them either on Studyblue or use my embryonic converter script to import them into your favorite flashcard application. Find all available flashcard in the Practice with Data section.

How to customize your git editor

Are you looking for a quick fix to use your preferred editor in Git Bash and edit files directly from the Git command line by typing the command of your choice? Are you tired of seeing Git Bash crash each time it tries to open a file, as in case of merging conflicts for instance?

Passer à la dernière version d’Android avec Cyanogenmod (Galaxy Tab 3 T310)

Installer Android Lollipop sur votre tablette Galaxy Tab 3, c’est possible! Voici comment faire avec les bons fichiers et dans le bon ordre… Il fut un temps… …j’avais un Samsung SII, qui fonctionnait encore parfaitement sous Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Malheureusement, de moins en moins d’applications ne tournaient sur cette version d’Android. Quelques recherches sur Internet

Comment se préparer au vol de votre portable

Ceci n’est pas une incitation au vol de portable. Toutes les 3 minutes, un portable est volé dans l’Hexagone. Le mien a été volé cette semaine. Le vôtre, c’est pour quand? Dans tous les cas n’attendez pas le jour J pour vous y préparer. Voici donc les démarches à suivre dès à présent pour prévenir

How to subscribe to a Twitter RSS feed

Ever wanted to follow a Twitter account by integrating it to your favourite RSS Feed reader? Me too. Twitter claims that the RSS feed of each Twitter user is located below the timeline. I may be blind but I can’t find it. So here is how you can solve this problem in five easy steps: