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Angular 4: What is a Subject and how it can be used (basic example)?

Are you using observables and observers on your discovery of Angular 4? Here is a brief example of how to use the Subject, which combines both. A subject is an observable and an observer at the same time. It comes with the RxJS package. It can be used in a powerful association with a service.

Why choose Angular 4?

What makes Angular 4 great? Why should one choose Angular 4 rather than another framework? In my case, it was simply recommended to me, but I soon discovered the many advantages that ng4 has to offer. This list is obviously not exhaustive. I am still adding pros and cons on the go. Major advantages of

What the heck is Angular 4?

Do you ask yourself which language to learn? When I was wondering about this question, I was told that the starting point is the project and not the language, but how can you make the connections between your project and the language if you do not know what they do? This is why you might