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Why choose Angular 4?

What makes Angular 4 great? Why should one choose Angular 4 rather than another framework? In my case, it was simply recommended to me, but I soon discovered the many advantages that ng4 has to offer.

This list is obviously not exhaustive. I am still adding pros and cons on the go.

Major advantages of Angular 4:

  • Angular is a bit like virtual Lego
    • With Angular you do not build a website around pages and a global Javascript file.
    • With Angular you build small logical elements, which you then combine into a website.
    • Each element can be re-used and linked to other elements at will.
    • Each element is composed of a TypeScript file, a css file and an HTML template.
  • Scoping is easy
    • The Angular framework applies “encapsulated view” by default. This means that the css code of one element applies only to this element (by default).
    • In the TypeScript files you can define private variables without worrying about overriding existing variables or such coming from other components.
  • Powerful built-in making DOM modification easier
    • Angular offers interesting built-in modules making the DOM interact with data stored in variables a lot easier.
    • Communication between DOM elements and data is tremendously simplified.
  • A definitely less error-prone environment
    • TypeScript validation as well as the general architecture of Angular makes it harder to make mistakes.
    • On the other hand, you surely have to learn to understand Angular’s own error messages.
  • More to come…


Major drawbacks of Angular 4

  • Community support is in the starting blocks
    • You might have a hard time finding code snippets, examples, etc.
    • I could not say whether community support as such is low, but it certainly has not left many traces yet.
    • Even Angular 2 examples are not wide-spread.
    • This forces you to stick to the documentation, which is not exactly exhaustive either and it does not provide examples systematically.
  • Angular’s error messages
    • Error messages are quite non-intuitive…
  • Handling of touch events
    • I had a relatively hard time to manage simple touch events and I find out I was not the only one.  This is really weird for a responsive framework…
  • More to come…

Hey, I am not an engineer, so feel free to complete this non-exhaustive list in the comment section !

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