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Must read:Is there a real future in data analysis for self-learners without a math degree?

Is there a real future in data analysis for self-learners without a math degree?

Why ask this question?

Many people must have been asking this question since media started trumpeting the “rise of data science”. The Harvard Business Review and Gartner announced a US-wide shortage of far more than 100 000 employees with data science skills by the end of this decade. Is this good news for anyone who is intrigued by the tools and questions of “data science” or will this story be written exclusively for and by math grads and engineers? Will companies open up to profiles beyond natural science to fill their “talent gap”? The answer to the question will surely be of interest to all parties involved.


How to answer this question?

Among the many ways to address this question, we will be following three:

  • Meeting the people who are in the business, for a more enlightening and social experience, but also as the best way to challenge any preconceptions and biased questioning.
    –> Browse through the interviews with People Behind Data.
  • Learning and practicing data analysis best prevents fairy-tale thinking about a profession but also helps get a clear idea of what “data science” is (and is NOT).
    –> Get hints and tips on Practice With Data.
  • Reading stories of professionals and amateurs while leafing through studies they produced provides guidance and broader insight.
    –> Good to know!


Where NOT to look for answers?

Internet brought us the “hype train” on board of which have been riding several digital jobs such as the community manager and the “curator”. Let us not pretend that our enquiry is not linked to the current storm of interest for data science, but we will not add to the story of milk and honey. This question needs thorough investigation and not reverberation.

Therefore, we will try not to seek confirmation in biased stories or from players with direct commercial interest in the “data science story” such as overpriced bootcamps and self-proclaimed academies.


Why blog the answer?

As many Internet users and self-learners, I have been benefitting from all the good advice posted on Quora, Stackoverflow and alikes. For me it is time to give back to the community of mostly unknown individuals willing to help others. In addition, I sincerely believe that there are other people just like me out there who would love to know more about their prospects in the field of data analysis.

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