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Fancy introductory data science Flashcards?

If you are taking the John Hopkins Data Science Specizalization on Coursera, you might be interested in reviewing the flashcards made for these courses. You can access them either on Studyblue or use my embryonic converter script to import them into your favorite flashcard application.

Find all available flashcard in the Practice with Data section. Just choose “flashcards” among the categories and “click there to read” the related article and access the study material.

Clean and convert CSV files exported from Studyblue

When you export your flashcards from Studyblue, the questions and answers are scattered all over the csv file. Plainly speaking, if you open the CSV file in Excel there is not one cell for each question and another one for each answer. Neither can the CSV file be read directly into the R environment by using the read.csv command, no matter which separator is used. This is because the flashcards are exported into a CSV file in a somewhat unclean way.

As I wanted to make my flashcards available to everyone and to be able to review them on my computer, I wrote a small converter script in R. It has successfully cleaned and converted exported CSV files into a clean data.frame, saved as a RDA file.

To use it, download the R script form Github and save it into the folder in which your (corrupt) CSV files are located. Run it on RStudio. The first prompt will ask you to choose among csv files located in your folder.

If everything goes fine, the script will prompt “conversion fine” at the end of the process. This means that the script saved a clean(er) RDA file bearing the same name, yet with a different file extension, in your working directory.

Please bear in mind that the script was designed solely for csv files exported from the Studyblue platform and it is definitely not bullet-proof. I even had to rewrite the script as the structure of the exported CSV files somehow changed over time, from one unclean state to another…

Review the RDA files flashcards directly in RStudio

You might be happy about your newly created RDA files and will use them as such. If you want to review them directly in RStudio, feel free to use the reviewer script (studyblue_rda_viewer.R). There again, you can run it from whichever directory you saved your RDA files. The first prompt will ask you to choose among the RDA files located in your working directory.

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