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Clickable thumbnails with Nimble Portfolio 3

Here is how to create a page showing a series of items…
…assigned to one or more customized tags
…filtered by these category tags
…linking directly to an article of your choice.

Check out the “Practice with Data” section as an example, to see whether this is what you are truly looking for.

Which plugin to use?

This section was generated by the WordPress plugin Nimble Portfolio 3, which I strongly recommend for three reasons:
– truly customizable
– free to use
– works fine

How to set it up?

You can install the plugin simply by adding a new plugin within the WordPress dashboard. Please note that the plugin is called WordPress Picture / Portfolio / Media Gallery for some reason but it is the right one as long as the author says “Nimble3”.

When I first installed the plugin, it would not take into account any changes to its settings. WordPress would show an error message stating that “nimble-portfolio.css” is not a writable file. So, I first checked whether the permissions were to be changed. This is when I realized that the file did not even exist. I simply created an empty css file (nimble-portfolio.css) in the stated directory (wp-content/plugins/nimble-portfolio/includes) in my case. From then on, I could change the default parameters and save them effectively.

How to make the thumbnails clickable?

The Nimble Portfolio plugin lets you create items, tag them and set a feature image for each item. You can then generate an actual portfolio containing all these items. As you can see in our example, the portfolio shows the used tags followed by the thumbnails of the portfolio items.

By default, the thumbnails are clickable but only to show a bigger version of the feature image. Nimble3 must be right about that since it is called a “portfolio”, which is supposed to show graphic material, but this is not what I wanted. You can actually set a permanent link below the thumbnail, which would link to the item (article) but, in all honesty, who would intuitively click on a link below a thumbnail rather than on the thumbnail…?

There is a simple tweak to link the thumbnails directly to the permanent link of the item:

  1. Find the items.php in the directory of the nimble portfolio plugin (wp-content/plugins/nimble-portfolio/skins/default/ in my case)
  2. Open it with a text editor (obviously not Word or any other software not showing pure text)
  3. Look for the element with class “itembox” (on line 27 in my case). One line should read "<a <?php echo NimblePortfolioPlugin::phpvar2htmlatt($item_link); ?>>"
  4. Replace it by "<a href="<?php echo $item->getPermalink(); ?>">", as shown below
  5. Now reload your portfolio page and click on one of the thumbnails to check the results.


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