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Must read:Is there a real future in data analysis for self-learners without a math degree?

Angular 4: What is a Subject and how it can be used (basic example)?

Are you using observables and observers on your discovery of Angular 4? Here is a brief example of how to use the Subject, which combines both. A subject is an observable and an observer at the same time. It comes with the RxJS package. It can be used in a powerful association with a service.

Why choose Angular 4?

What makes Angular 4 great? Why should one choose Angular 4 rather than another framework? In my case, it was simply recommended to me, but I soon discovered the many advantages that ng4 has to offer. This list is obviously not exhaustive. I am still adding pros and cons on the go. Major advantages of

What the heck is Angular 4?

Do you ask yourself which language to learn? When I was wondering about this question, I was told that the starting point is the project and not the language, but how can you make the connections between your project and the language if you do not know what they do? This is why you might

Hey, I won a hackathon!

The day before the hackathon, I was wondering. Should I really go to this hackathon? Wasn’t I supposed to focus on my data project instead? For once, I made the right decision. Here is how it happened and what it changed in my life (and in this blog!). Real questions, no bullsh*t Back in September

How to use the Shopify-node-api npm module

Pre-requisites You are using Express JS as framework for your app (the instructinos below might also work with other node.js frameworks though, but please don’t ask me how) You therefore are familiar with the structure (views, routes, etc.) of an app built with Express JS and know how to use NPM You have already set

Social media analysis in the wake of the French presidential elections

Last year we woke up at least twice only to discover the voting results that we least expected. Have social media failed us or have we failed social media? What has changed since the last elections? Yesterday night, a panel of polling, social data and political experts discussed the state of social affairs at the

What skills do you require for your data project?

What skills do you require for your data project? Find the answers on my “Tech Skills Map” below. Funny enough, this is my takeaway from the Open Government Partnership Summit in Paris, which I attended last week. It all started at the OGP Summit in Paris The Open Government Partnership has 70 member countries and

4 Months into Data Analysis: let’s get real!

After filling the statistics gap and getting familiar with R over the past four months, it is now time to set a SMART goal. First, let us have a short look back on our learning experience as Not an Engineer before defining the ultimate goal of our journey, which strangely resembles a hiking tour in

2 Months into Data Analysis: Inferential Statistics Tamed!

Two months after hitting a concrete wall of statistical inference, I now start playing with its bricks. This is to how I overcame my first major challenge in my very own “data science bootcamp”. Have you ever been lost in a group conversation, getting somehow the impression that there is something you do not know

Clickable thumbnails with Nimble Portfolio 3

Here is how to create a page showing a series of items… …assigned to one or more customized tags …filtered by these category tags …linking directly to an article of your choice. Check out the “Practice with Data” section as an example, to see whether this is what you are truly looking for. Which plugin